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Helping businesses grow, through lead generation, content creation, web analytics, SEO, paid media, graphic design, photography, and photo editing.

group fitness marketing

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Burn Boot Camp is a boutique Gym Franchise with over 250 locations nationwide. They provide 45 min workouts for women and their families with free childcare. Northern Colorado was a new territory for Burn Boot Camp. They needed to increase their brand awareness by growing their social media presence and attract clients to sign up for free trials. The following strategies were utilized:

Lead Generation & Paid Media Strategy + Content Marketing + Content Calendar + Customer Journey Map + Inbound Marketing + Paid Marketing + Google My Business Optimization + 30 Day Nurture Funnel + Graphic Design
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group fitness marketing

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

RedZone NoCo is an athletic club located in Windsor Colorado. They offer coed, 60 min workouts that are a mix of cardio and strength training, designed to eliminate plateaus in your fitness journey. In order for RedZone to establish a digital presence online, improve the website experience, and increase membership sales, the following methods were utilized:

SEO & Content Marketing Strategy + On and Off-Page SEO Audit + SEO Strategy + Keyword Research + Content Marketing + Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager + Custom Event Tracking + Facebook Pixel
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Web Producer & Content Strategist

Crushd Fitness is a new business offering one-on-one personal training and group exercise classes, led by a female coach in Windsor, CO. In order for Crushd Fitness to reach clients online, create a following, and increase personal training sessions, the following methods were recommended:

SEO & Paid Media Strategy + Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager + Custom Events Tracking + Facebook Pixel Setup + Keyword Research + Content Strategy + Pillar Content + WordPress + Graphic Design
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Graphic Design

My journey as a graphic designer began with technical illustrations for textbooks and  poster designs for theatre. Shortly after I joined the Visual Department at Belk, Inc. and created graphics for display in  300 department stores in 16 states. Belk stores and Belk.com offer apparel, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings and wedding registry.

+ Figma + Sketch + Visual Communication + Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator + Adobe InDesign + Prototyping + Branding and Packaging Design + Self Motivation + Create Illustrations
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Photo Retouching

I have a unique foundation in print and media. I’ve worked as a editorial retoucher for various magazines and catalogs, such as Spin, Elle Decor, Victoria’s Secret, and more! I love swapping limbs, background extensions, enhancing beauty, and complex photo editing.

+ Editorial Retouching + Edit objects and people + Layers, Masks, Channels + Adobe Creative Suite Guru + Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator + Adobe InDesign + Adobe Lightroom + Capture One + Ability to  work efficiently and quickly + Own work station with programs + CMYK and RGB workflows + Prepress Workflow + Liason to stakeholder and client
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UX Side Project

I’m a self study student in the UI UX Field. I’m creating a fitness app. Follow along as I ideate. The following strategies were utilized:

+ Design Thinking + Visual Communication + Empathy + Collaboration + Curiosity + Sketchstorm + Prototype + Adobe XD + Probe Kits + User Interviews + Journey map + Wireframes + User Testing + Self Motivation
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